About Afriq'Units

In Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, as in many African countries, higher education has witnessed a long period of relative neglect and stagnation while experiencing escalating enrolments, declining resources, deteriorating infrastructure, and a decline in the quality of teaching. In particular, the increased number of students while resources remain unchanged or diminish compromises the quality of the Universities missions, visions and the quality of teaching and therefore accelerates the pressure for attaining systematic and comprehensive quality assurance systems. To tackle these issues, the "Sustainable Quality Culture in East African Institutions through Centralised Units" project will increase regional cooperation in academic quality assurance, support the development of a coherent quality assurance policy and strengthen the implementation of integrated quality units within the three East African universities.

To this end, the project will strengthen the institutional capacities of three East African Universities and train their management and administrative staff to implement the quality assurance policy, apply the models for assessment of academic programmes and institutional services as well as to manage quality office within the universities. This will be achieved through institutional cooperation and sharing of knowledge between Moi University in Kenya, University of Makerere in Uganda, University of Mzumbe in Tanzania. The partnership will be supported by the expertise of the University of Alicante in Spain and the German Accreditation Council.

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